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HORIZON ACADEMY BJJ - Children's Martial Arts for 4 - 6 years olds

Power Pups


The Power Pups programme introduces martial arts for children. The basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are taught through fun 1 on 1 games with the instructors designed to not only help them develop the foundation movements required but also remember them. These games are fun and designed to build the child’s confidence with grappling and physical contact you’ll be playing them at home in no time without having to worry about practising martial arts at home and hurting someone.

The programme is also designed to aid their fitness and build the coordination they will need when they progress to the next level.


While we encourage kids to try competitions it’s not compulsory the competitive side is simply a really good way to test out that the techniques can be used against someone who is trying to stop you in a safe and controlled environment.


2 + 15 =

  • Comfortable sports wear.
  • Drink to stay hydrated.
  • If you have one, Kimono or Gi - a traditional martial arts uniform consisting of trousers and a jacket. If you are looking to enter competitions then your gi must be either white, blue or black. (NB: You won’t need to bring a Gi for your free taster week, just comfortable sportswear).

As BJJ is a complete martial art it will cover how to deal with strikes and grabs and involves a lot of grappling, due to this physical nature of training it is essential that good hygiene is practised for your comfort and for everyone else you train with.

Please ensure:

  • Fingers and toenails are short to avoid injury to yourself and/or your training partners.
  • You do not wear outdoor footwear on the mats as it is unhygienic and can cause damage.
  • You don’t wear jewellery, watches etc, during training to avoid the risk of injury to yourself, training partners and property damage.
  • Your sports wear including your kimono/gi are clean and fresh smelling.
  • That any cuts are properly and appropriately covered.

Finally, we advise that you don’t train when you are sick or injured. Having a cold/flu or a sprain is annoying and no matter how eager you are to train, it will do more harm in the long run and you will likely pass on your bugs to your training partners. It is always best to give your body the time it needs to recover.